Visiting Singh Farms

Singh Farms, organic farming, urban farming

Entry to Singh Farms

I recently spent some time visiting family in the Phoenix area and had a chance to visit Singh Farms. You wouldn’t associate the Sonoran desert with the vision of a lush, green, organic oasis in the center of an urban area, but Singh Farms is a 20 acre organic farm shaded by mature mesquite trees just off of one of the Valley’s busiest freeway intersections. There was produce growing everywhere with a log cabin market stand, chicken coop, small eating area, and garden lined walking paths.

They sell a variety of fresh produce, eggs, fruits, amazing breads, and wonderful organic compost. Besides selling to high-end chefs in the Valley, they are open to the public on Saturday mornings. Singh Farms also offers a variety of gardening, composting and cooking classes. I was sorry I had just missed a class on baking with Mesquite flour. Talk about a ‘secret garden’; this is one of the best kept secrets in the Valley and a showplace for what can be done in the desert without chemicals! If you happen to live in the greater Phoenix area, this is well worth the drive and a chance to support eating locally.  

Singh Farms, urban farming

Singh Farms grape arbor with DS